Concrete Driveway Surface Issues and Their Causes

There are several ways your driveway can be effected by harmful factors such as harmful deicers and exposure to UV rays.


Spalling occurs when moisture enters concrete and causes the surface to peel or flake away.  This is due to a severe increase in moisture typically caused by a rainy spring or long winter.

Mortar Flaking

Mortar flaking is when small sections of a concrete surface begin to dislodge above aggregate particles. Typically, these pieces are quite small and resemble flakes that occur around particles that have already begun to break down.


When fresh concrete is compacted, the cement and aggregate settle and bond. This causes excess water and air to be displaced, and the lighter materials rise to the surface. If the crew sealing the concrete closes the surface before this process occurs, the air and water become trapped under the surface. This creates weakened sections that eventually detach over time.

Tips for Concrete Maintenance

Our Friends at Concrete Alberta Offered Advice on How to Properly Maintain Your Concrete Investment

They Provided 4 Main Tips:

1.     Cleaning Concrete on a Regular Basis
This should be done at least once per year to remove normal dirt and grime build up and to remove rust or other stains. Methods of cleaning concrete as well as cleaning products can vary widely. Some methods and products can be detrimental to the concrete. For further information please contact an experienced contractor, Concrete Alberta or your local Concrete Alberta member. 

2.     Repairing Cracks in Concrete
Repairing cracks in concrete maintains a structurally sound surface and minimizes water intrusion through cracks, which can cause problems with the subgrade. 

3.     Sealing Joints in the Concrete

Sealing joints minimizes or eliminates water intrusion through the joints, helps prevent dirt from collecting in the joints and helps prevent weeds sprouting up through the joints

4.     Sealing the Concrete Surface
Sealing and periodic resealing of the concrete surface not only reduces moisture infiltration into the concrete but also helps reduce staining. Some sealers offer other benefits, such as high resistance to abrasion, resistance to UV sunlight, resistance to dirt and grime, oil, grease, rust, acid, chlorine, fertilizer stains, sprinkler water residue and mildew, as well as stains from most other organic matter

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For more information on your concrete specific issues, visit Concrete Alberta.