Why is Driveway Sealer Important?

If you live in Alberta you know how unpredictable the climate can be. From harsh winters to scorching summers, the sudden changes in temperature can leave your driveway looking dull and damaged.

During the summer, prolonged exposure to UV rays speeds up the oxidization process and weakens the aggregates within the concrete. This causes the concrete to fade and discolour.

During the winter, a phenomenon known as the freeze thaw cycle occurs. This is when warm temperatures causes snow on the ground to melt. The resulting moisture seeps into the concrete. When the temperature drops again, that water freezes and expands, pushing the concrete apart and deepening existent cracks.

Driveway sealer is important because it mitigates the damages caused by both freeze thaw cycles and UV damage. Whether your concrete driveway has been recently poured or been around for years, penetrating sealant helps maintain the value, aesthetic and durability of your concrete for years to come.

Protect Your Investment

Your home is a meaningful investment that you want to preserve, and sealing your driveway is a great first step in doing so. Sealing your driveway not only protects it against everyday wear-and-tear, it helps lengthen its lifespan. Home owners end up saving money in the long-term because sealing greatly reduces the amount of times your driveway needs to be redone, which is a far costlier expense.

Sticks & Stones is the best concrete sealer in Edmonton. We have over six decades of experience working with everyone from first-time home owners to longstanding businesses. We have dealt with everything from spalling concrete to mortar flaking and delamination, and our application method guarantees a finished look you can be proud of.

We ensure your concrete driveway is clean and ready for application before we begin. The PSI is controlled and we roll on all our sealers to achieve a uniform product that is second-to-none.  We are also proud to be the only concrete maintenance and protection company in Edmonton who are official members of Concrete Alberta.

Prevent Spalling, Delamination and Mortar Flaking

Penetrating driveway sealant safeguards concrete from issues such as oil spills, rust spots, erosion, moisture absorption, hail, and more. It also reinforces the concrete to limit corrosion and increase density, giving you added protection when the temperature drops and the freeze thaw cycle begins.

Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful

High Gloss Concrete Finish has a way of making your home look beautiful. That’s why many homeowners have their driveways redone every few years. What people don’t realize is that you can have that freshly poured look for less money by simply sealing it. 

Sealing gives your driveway that brand-new look without costing you and arm-and-a-leg. Even if you choose to seal it every few years, it’s still more affordable than having your driveway completely redone.

Edmonton Concrete Repair and Sealant

Sticks & Stones Building Solutions offers a wide range of concrete services to keep your home looking great for the future. From concrete repair to concrete removal, sealing and more, we are ready to turn your dreams into a reality. 

We offer our customers a personalized level of service you won’t find anywhere else. We know what Alberta homeowners need because we ARE Alberta homeowners. We also use the highest quality products and methods to ensure absolute results every time.